Towards the promotion of the economic interest of its members, the cooperative shall
i. encourage regular savings amongst members  on monthly basis as a build up for their individual future use.
ii. provide credit facilities to its members at a zero interest rate for productive and productive purposes.
iii. encourage fixed deposits from members , the pool which serves as short tem loans and take measures that would promote the spirit of
thrift, mutual help and self  help based on cooperative principles .
iv. stock and supply consumerís goods and services at reasonable prices to members and non-members alike.
v. engage in any other economic (small &medium scale industries) to produce economic and viable items or social activities as may be
approved by the general meeting of members.
vi. provide vehicles and sundry household equipment to members  at affordable and convenient repayment schedules.
vii. acquire hectares of land and undertake sale/ lease of such for real estate development in any part of  Nigeria for the teeming benefit of
members and non-members alike as the occasion may demand.
viii. produce , purchase and distribute building  materials towards memberís house  project.
ix. raise and seek capital (loan) for industrial/ housing  development from individual members, banks, the cooperative circle and other
financial institutions.
x. acquire stock of shares and manage financial portfolios carefully, as guided by the decision of the management committee.

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